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Discounts on

The Intuit Family of Products.

For the convenience of my current and future clients I want to let you know that as a Certified Gold Level ProAdvisor, I am able to pass along my product discount.  This allows you to purchase your Intuit QuickBooks software through me.  The best way to accomplish this is we will discuss and decide which product is best for your needs, I will contact Intuit directly and have them send you a quote.  This will be at the current best price – either my discount, or if Intuit is having an unpublished sale, it will be reflected in your price.  I never up-charge on product.



For your Business

  • Assorted Third Party Software
  • Desktop Apps
  • Online Apps
  • Small Business Supplies

QuickBooks give you the power to manage your business more effectively by providing you with fast, easy and integrated solutions to meet the needs of your business.  Whether your’re looking for Financial, Customer or Retail Management Software, QuickBooks has a solution for you!  Just go to any of the following sites and explore – see what’s right for you and your Business.




Time Savers—The single most important component is your Chart of Accounts

  • Condensed reports – take advantage of Sub-Accounts.
  • Streamline time spent – use memorized transactions.
  • Fine tune your financial reports – customize and memorize.
  • Customers – use Jobs for more detail
  • Items – Group by using sub-accounts also.

Astute entrepreneurs understand and know the value of quality, time and money. Why waste hours of your valuable time trying to be an accountant when you’re not? Why not use your time to make money instead of lose money! Economically it only makes sense. It is a time and money thing.


As a business owner, you need to know the score at all times. Where does your company financially stand today at any given moment? Based on experience, we have found that accounting is one of the most neglected areas in business. We are dedicated to educating business owners in financial literacy and providing personalized QuickBooks help. You will be amazed at how little time and effort it takes to become financially literate and learn about generating and understanding financial reports. You will also save a lot of time at years end to generate the data your CPA needs to do your company taxes.


You MUST have some basic accounting knowledge to run a business. If you don’t, you are setting yourself up for trouble. Besides, if basic accounting and bookkeeping concepts baffle you, I am sure the IRS would love to explain them to you in your forthcoming audit.


If someone else is managing your books, you need to know what’s happening with your money at all times! White-collar crime is at an all time high! Each year thousands of small businesses are victims of fraud and many don’t even know it (yet), and when they do find out, the results can be disastrous. Let us help you to reduce the risk of fraud by educating you and designing a check and balance system to help prevent embezzlement or other employee financial wrong doing.



Solutions for your Business

  • Virtual Bookkeeping
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Historical Write-up
  • Accountant Ready Reports

As a Certified QuickBooks User and Pro-Advisor I offer Remote QuickBooks Bookkeeping services on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. No job is too small. Myself or a member of my staff will keep your records current by taking advantage of current technology. Using e-mail, fax, portable files, online banking, online file storage solutions and Remote Access all your bookkeeping needs can be met by means of Virtual Bookkeeping.


Consulting Services

  • QuickBooks Consultation
  • Review & Recommend
  • Clean-up Chart of Accounts
  • Installation & Set-up
  • Employer / Employee Training
  • Become an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to battle your accounting alone when you’re wearing all the hats for your business. Especially if you do not have any accounting experience.


Maybe you’re contemplating purchasing QuickBooks and don’t know where to start; or maybe you have unsuccessfully tried to install it and set it up, only to find it’s more involved than you originally thought; or perhaps you already have QuickBooks up and running, and you’re really struggling to make things work! Nothing seems to be working properly and it’s impossible to produce accurate Profit & Loss statements, Balance Sheets and other Financial Reports.


When it comes to accounting, we have found that a lot of business owners underestimate the complexities of accounting and forget they have the option to bring in experts who can solve their problems in less time with less cost. Instead they go it alone and dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole!


At BMD ProAdvisor, we offer personalized training so you and your staff learn what you need to learn in the shortest amount of time possible as in hours vs. days! Training is based on how your business operates.  It can be focused upon one specific task, or the entire program – but customized to your specific business.


Want to become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and have your own business?  I will help you get started, support you through your lessons, and give you plenty of advice on the best practices to follow while learning to be an independent ProAdvisor.


Training and Support

  • Phone & E-mail Support
  • BMD’s QB ~ Quick Help
  • Personalized 1 on 1 Training
  • Freelancer’s Clean-up Course

Phone & E-mail Support:

All of my contracted clients are entitled to unlimited support. I or a member of my staff will be reachable by phone or e-mail to answer any of your questions.


“Quick HELP” ProAdvisor on Call!:

There you are in the middle of entering data and up comes a question. You have asked around, looked at the help site, Googled the problem but still just don’t know what to do! “Quick Help!” is an easy solution. You will have a ProAdvisor and all those resources at your fingertips. Phone and e-mail support for your business, multiple support packages are available.


Personalized “1-on-1” Training:

Capitalizing on today’s current technology BMD ProAdvisor is offering Remote Personalized 1-on-1 Training. I will work with you, by appointment, using Remote Desktop to log into your company file and teach you only what you need to know and only what pertains to your business and nothing more. Custom fitting the lessons to your business and your priorities.


Freelancers “Clean-up Your Act!”:

Freelancers for the most part are an independent group. They are usually tech savvy and have the confidence in their ability to succeed. The one thing they usually don’t have is time to learn the details of the QuickBooks Software. I am offering a course, lasting 2 hours one day a week for four weeks. I will personally remotely review your file, trouble shoot, and help YOU to understand how to get the most value from your financial software. Each week you will leave with a task to complete before the next session. You will finish the course with a cleaned up company file that will give you the information that you need to successfully track your business accurately.