Clients, Past and Current

Barbara M. DeSalvo   (516) 480-1200


With over 25 years of administrative experience I have worked in several environments including self employment, independent contracting, and on-site locations. My ability to organize and multi-task enables me to meet crucial deadlines while paying attention to detail and to effectively produce quality results and service.

Think of BMD ProAdvisor as a silent partner who only wants the best for you and your business. You may not have the extra space to hire an onsite bookkeeper, or you might not really have enough work for a full time employee with benefits. That is why an Independent Virtual Bookkeeper is what you really need.


Whether it is through training you and your staff to use QuickBooks to its full extent, Personalized “1-on-1” Training specific to your company, or to review your current records and oversee future transactions, BMD ProAdvisor can help you.


Remember, as a Certified Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor you will not only be working with me, but through me you will have access to the knowledge of a vast network of accounting professionals. Now you can attend to what needs to be done to actually grow your business, or, just free up some extra time so you can enjoy the business you have already grown. Let me help you feel confident that the financial records of your business will be attended to with care. Contact Me with any questions.


From my fully equipped home office my staff and I can complete all your bookkeeping. Across the street or across the country, local or long distance, the miles don’t matter any more. Remote access, online banking, portable files all allow me to take control of your bookkeeping needs. Working with your company files no longer depends on business hours or availability.

High Speed Internet connection
Multiple Printers
Right Networks Cloud Hosting
iPad and iPhone
DropBox File Storage
Remote Access with,, or Team Viewer
Large File Transfers with


Meeting all your needs.

QuickBooks Desktop Versions

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Suite

QuickBooks Online Versions

  • QBO Simple Start
  • QBO Essentials
  • QBO Plus

QuickBooks Payroll

**Certified, but Limited Experience with Point of Sale (However, with the Intuit Proline Community at my disposal, most issues can be solved within 48 hours.)

Portfolio of Clients and Industries Supported:

Auto Parts Distributer/Retailer
Bed & Breakfast Inn

E-bay Trading Assistant
Fashion Consultant
Hair Designer/Salon/Beauty
Interior Design

Mortgage Broker

Personalized Children’s Books
Private Individuals
Property Management Company


Service Industry
Specialty Advertising Firm
Web Design
Wholesale Distribution


I have also worked with a number of CPA’s on an assortment of their clients.